Movement and Territories

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Movement and Territories

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In order for your character to go from the safety of their village to the near-apocalyptic monster territories, they have to traverse through the wilderness. This must be done IC, usually creating a Three Part Thread set, with the 'Introduction' in the Player's Base area, the 'Build-Up' in the Wilderness, and the 'Meat' of the story in the player's Rival Base area. For example, if a player wishes to hunt Vampires living in the Wailing Peaks but they live in the village of Dedhaus, they will need to scale The Cliffs. More information on this is found in the Thread Information Page. This is the precedent for the 'One Thread At A Time' rule. The length of the actual traveling thread between bases is at the player's discretion, although longer traveling threads earn more Experience.


Every character will have a native territory that they inhabit during a general basis. This is referred to as the character's "Base Area". In this territory, the player is eligible to build or purchase a house, apartment, hut, or other lodging arrangement. Of course, being in a house offers no more protection than being in the wild for some of the things that go bump in the night, but it is of great psychological comfort. Monsters have it a little bit rougher. Instead of getting a nice cozy bed, Monsters are eligible to Claim a plot of land as their territory, and have right of will toward any intruder. Please fill out the template and post below in order to claim a location as your character's territory.

[b][u]Territory Claim Template[/u][/b]

[b]Name Of Character:[/b]
[b]Territory Location:[/b]
[b]Territory Name (optional):[/b]
[b]Description of Claimed Territory:[/b]
[b]Marks of Settlement:[/b]
[b]Extra Rooms?:[/b]

Territory Claim Template
Claimer's Name: Who is claiming this territory?
Territory Location: Where is the territory located at?
Territory Name (optional): Did you name your territory? Humans commonly do this to their estates, and it is not unknown for monsters to as well.
Description of Claimed Territory: What do your newfound abodes look like? Is it a hut or hovel? Perhaps a natural formation that works for you? Or is it a cabin you built with your own two hands? Maybe you found it. Regardless, this is where you describe it.
Marks of Settlement: Of course, any thing is going to leave marks of living in an area. Are trees felled near the hut? Are there ropes and ladders along the cliff face going in and out of a particularly sizeable hole? These are all clues that other players can use to find you.
Extra Rooms?: Does your territory have any extra rooms for others? If so, you may find someone knocking at your door soon!


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