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H) Thread Information

Post by Ejj on Wed Oct 14, 2015 1:08 am

Thread Information

In order to progress gameplay and storytelling at Horrorcraft, interactions are split into various categories to denote the majority of the interaction's purpose. While all threads will yield the same XP rate (determined by character rank, as seen in the Rank Information Section), each one can have different possible outcomes. This is justified by being someone's ability to learn not being limited only to a battlefield, and can pick up on tricks and learn information at literally any given moment in their life.

When a player accepts a thread with one of the following types, they are formally agreeing to follow story format and accept all outcomes. Please note that some Thread Types require multiple actual threads in various different areas linked together, more information will be found below. In order to link threads, merely post the link to the next part at the end of one thread when characters arrive at the new location, and the link to the previous thread at the beginning of the thread in the new location.

Types of Threads

  • Encounter - This is normally a social interaction, at least primarily. Characters meeting each other for the first time or another reason, a task being performed with a group of people, and public rally's are all examples of an Encounter type thread. Characters do not permanently retain any injury or death that may occur from these threads, although such incidence should rarely occur. The entirety of an Encounter thread may take place in one location, and as such, only require a minimum of 1 thread.

  • Hunting - During a Hunt, one individual or group is targeted by one hunting party (regardless of number) and sought after until they have been driven off or killed. Normally, a hunt is performed by weaker individuals going after a stronger target, although it's possible that someone could be such a nuisance that a higher-level hunting party is required. There are two subtypes of Hunting Threads, being 'Frighten', which are Not Death Enabled (although injury is permanent) and 'Exterminate', which are entirely lethal. In order to streamline the story process, Hunting threads normally take place in the location of the Hunted, making it have a 1 thread minimum.

  • Survival - What happens when nobody is safe? During a Survival thread, every active member is in danger of being destroyed by an opposing force. Unlikely team-ups and alliances will need to form if anyone has a hope of seeing to the next day. Due to the severe nature of whatever situation has created the need for such an event, Survival Threads are required to have a minimum of 2 threads in two separate locations (Such as Sicher and The Wilderness).

  • Expedition - Exploration for the sake of discovery, resource collection, or the spreading of influence, Expedition threads are devoted to characters traveling to and through uncharted territory. The dangers and pitfalls that might befall travelers is all-too-real, and players will constantly be kept on their toes. One wrong step on that rickety ladder, one grip placement climbing up a cliff, and you could fall directly to your doom. Basically any mission thread. All expedition threads are required to have a minimum of 2 threads.

  • Skirmish - One vs One threads where two players are actively engaged in devoted, aggressive combat, Skirmishes are the quintessential thread for singular pvp. The risk of permanent injury is great, although the subtypes 'Nonlethal' and 'Lethal' denote the severity of what is retained outside of threads. All Skirmish threads can be completed in one location, and thus need only one thread.

  • Deathmatch - If Skirmish and Survival threads were to have a love baby, it would be Deathmatch. Two parties of at least two players each engage in the ultimate mode of conflict where the only ones to survive are the ones who fight with all of their might. Only ending when the entire opposing team has been eliminated, Deathmatches are always Fatal. All Deathmatches require a minimum of three threads, with both teams needing a separate intro thread in their respective area before meeting in a singular third.


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