I) Growth and Development

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I) Growth and Development

Post by Ejj on Wed Oct 14, 2015 1:09 am

Character Growth
When creating their character, a player is able to decide what Rank their character starts at. Depending on what Rank a character is, their rate of XP growth changes to denote diminishing return. By using a simple word counting tool, one is able to determine how many words they've written per post, and confer how many points that has earned them. After amassing enough XP, it can be spent on Stats, Skills, Talents, Specialties, and Techniques. All conversion and purchasing will be done in the player's Journal (using their respective templates), as to keep everything neat and organized. Of course, by choosing specifically to start at the bottom with 0 XP and work their way all the way to the top, a character uses a Special XP Gain Formula, as well as a different XP Level Path.

Character Rank XP Gain Formulas
*Please note these formulas are spreadsheet friendly if you replace the variable with it's real-time value.

By acquiring the minimum amount of XP, a character raises it's rank. Of course, in order to raise one's rank, they'll first have to go through the levels! Each rank has 6 levels within it, to a total of 36. Ranking up is a grand, dignifying marker that shows your player is on a different level than those ranked below them. Similarly, levels are used to denote a player's movement within ranks, as well as acting as an in-rank hierarchy.

Neither Ranks nor Levels are not gained automatically, and must be purchased with XP to notify that's how your character grew with the experience they gained. When purchasing stats, it is important to note a character's sum of stats may not exceed the starting stat total of the immediate rank above them. More information on this is in the Stats section.

Regular Leveling Formula
(x=Word Sum)

  • E: =(x/75)*15
  • D: =(x/100)*15
  • C:  =(x/150)*15
  • B: =(x/225)*15
  • A: =(x/300)*15
  • S: =(x/450)*15

Special Leveling Formula

  • E: =(x/50)*15
  • D: =(x/75)*15
  • C: =(x/125)*15
  • B: =(x/200)*15
  • A: =(x/275)*15
  • S: =(x/350)*15

By dividing your wordcount by your Rank Value and multiplying the result by 15, you get the amount of XP earned.

XP Level Path
**Y = A Character's current level

Regular Level Path

  • E: =y*75
  • D: =y*100
  • C: =y*150
  • B: =y*225
  • A: =y*300
  • S: =y*450

Special Level Path

  • E: =y*50
  • D: =y*75
  • C: =y*125
  • B: =y*200
  • A: =y*275
  • S: =y*350

By multiplying your level by your Rank Value, you get the amount of XP that must be earned to reach the next level. Please note that values do not stack, and going from level 2 to level 3 will only require 50 new XP, not 100 new XP.


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