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Honest Jim (NPC)

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Character Application

Name: Honest Jim
Age: 300
Race: Monster{Infernal}

Starting Rank: A
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Faction: Bloodpact
Appearance and Demeanor:

Due to his primary talent, Honest Jim maintains two distinct appearances. The main appearance that most would see him in is what he refers to as his 'Meatbag', and resembles an average human male in his mid-forties. Otherwise, he is a completed, blackened skeleton with tiny orbs of fire in his eye sockets. The only other obvious traits about him are what can be gleamed from his skeletal form (which is distinguishably male due to the narrow hips and pelvis). Standing an even six feet tall from toes to the top of his skull, Jim is otherwise aesthetically unremarkable from any other skeleton.

While inhabiting a meatbag, a lot of life goes into Jim (shwing). His eyes constantly sparkle above his permanent grin, and unless he's talking, he's whistling. Happy, jaunty tunes that are usually accompanied with a slight dance in his step make up his usual repertoire, although he has been known to use his whistling for a more dramatic effect as well. Seemingly friendly, Jim likes to crack jokes and touch those around him, usually on the elbow or shoulder for a moment when delivering a punchline. However, Honest Jim possesses a habit of snapping his fingers when frustrated or impatient, as well as keeping his face as straight as possible; Jim can be remarkably intimidating to those used to his more cheery, personable attitude.

Personality and Attitude:

Slicker than a greased doorknob, there is no one more versed in the Devil's Tongue than Honest Jim. His tongue leaks compliments like a punctured tire, ooey-gooey niceties spilling from his lips at anything he sees. Believing that flattery will get him everywhere, he is never afraid to lay on the juice and shmooz someone over when it benefits him. To be fair, though, every compliment he gives is a lie. Emotionally manipulating people into believing he is their friend, Honest Jim has no time for such trivialities as acquaintances. Instead, he has an incredibly sociopathic view, seeing other individuals as mere tools to be used. Although he likes to believe everyone can be useful, there are those that try his patience by trying to prove otherwise.

When someone succeeds in making Honest Jim believe they are useless, he will be very honest about it (perhaps the only thing he reveals to other people that is a true indicator of who he really is). Known to dismiss individuals from his ranks almost immediately upon failing their most vital mission, or personally slaying those that break down in times of need, Jim believes a strong team behind him is the key to achieving his goals. Because of that, he will eliminate any weak link the moment it makes himself known. On the other hand, Jim will treat those that perform excellently very well. Instead of delivering death, he is known to deliver gifts and redirect resources to assist their personal goals, believing if he keeps his people happy, they will keep him happy. Of course, this has its limits, and at his core, Jim will take care of himself before anyone else.

Once, Jim was a normal human man. His name really was Jim, and he really was a slick guy. Unfortunately, he wasn't slick enough. He was from Dedhaus and worked as an Iron Hunter, mining and delivering the metal ore back to his village. Although his payment for this was sufficient (a cut of the iron, as well as access to the forge and a food pittance), Jim was greedy. Striking a deal with a devil (literally), Jim was to deliver a cut of the iron he gathered to the beast in exchange for larger accommodations for him and his wife, as well as a promotion to Best Iron Hunter. There was a minimum payment due before this would come to be, but as a show of good faith, the devil offered a small, additional gift of a cow that would never run out of milk.

Accepting the terms of the agreement, Jim left with the cow and returned home. Once there, he decided to try a glass of milk from the cow to celebrate his soon-to-be promotion. It was, indeed, the best milk he had ever tasted. Although it wasn't intentional, Jim found himself drinking at least a glass a day. The milk kept him strong, and soon he found himself working harder and more efficient than he ever did. It wasn't long before he delivered the necessary iron to the devil, and his promotion was set. After his final probationary meeting with the devil, Jim returned home to be informed a messenger had come while he was out. Reading the letter that the messenger had given his wife, Jim learned of his wife's father's death.

At the end of the letter, in neat, red handwriting that disappeared the moment Jim read it, the words 'First Half Paid' were scrawled. A second page was behind the letter, the header reading 'My Last Will and Testament'. Scanning through it, Jim didn't want to see what he found. In glaring, black letters on the page, was the dreaded phrase that brought tears to his eyes -- 'And I leave my house to my daughter, Bec.' It wasn't long after that an epidemic broke out in Dedhaus, and their numbers suffered. Due to this, Jim was promoted to Best Iron Hunter, and would receive a larger cut of the iron he sourced as well as a larger food pittance. Knowing full well the only reason he was promoted was because he was the best iron hunter left alive, Jim swore to get revenge on the devil that tricked him.

During his next drop, Jim attempted to kill the devil. Ultimately, he failed and was instead slain for disobedience. Of course, since he made a deal with a devil, he went straight to Hell, where his devil laughed and put him back to work. Binding his soul to the blackened bones that was left of Jim, the devil ordered him to roam the Earth, insinuating horror with every step. In order to do this, the devil granted him access to Hell's reservoir of magic. The devil's grand scheme would be for Jim to become so powerful that it would take multiple souls to stop him. In doing so, they would have almost no choice but to make a deal with him to acquire the necessary power. Of course, Jim had his own agenda in mind, and swore he would take vengeance on the devil that bound him someday.

Specialty Name: Abuse

Specialty Rank: A

Discovery: This specialty was formed by combining the user's Will stat with their Bone Eater talent.

Flavor: Through sheer force of will, the user is able to manipulate and extend their skeletal structure from it's normal positioning and rip it from their body. While this would normally leave a gaping lack of bone, the user's natural regenerative ability is working overtime to metabolize energy in order to regenerate whatever is taken almost as quickly as it is taken, resulting in the user barely notice the transition. Able to slightly manipulate the shape of the bone as it's being drawn from their body, the user is able to use this specialty in order to craft numerous things from their very own body, such as weapons and tools.

Contributing Stats: Will, Regeneration

Mechanics: For every rank the user has in this specialty, their ability to regenerate more bone in a single instant becomes more efficient. As such, each rank level in this skill results in the user being able to create more and more advanced creations. Nothing too elaborate is able to be formed, but specifically shaped blades, whip-like spinal cords, and the ability to throw your own skull becomes available as one gets more and more talented with this Specialty.  For every rank the user has in this specialty, they may create one free E rank technique using this specialty in it's Calculation.

Downfalls: Technique creation is limited by the user's rank in this specialty. No techniques other than the ones given may be learned with this Specialty in it's calculation.

Specialty Name: The Lich's Hand

Specialty Rank: A

Discovery: This specialty was discovered when Honest Jim became aware that his soul had been bonded his his bones, regardless if they were attached to him or not. Although the regeneration of new bones (etc) normally severs the link between old and new, if he concentrates, he is able to retain this link.

Flavor: The user retains the ability to manipulate and direct their body pieces regardless of the fact if they are attached to them or not. While this is primarily maintained for extended limbic purposes, its affect extends to any part of the body that can be removed without actually killing the user. It requires concentration to manipulate a removed body part, although once concentration is established, the user can move that body part as easily as they normally could. If an arm has been severed, the user may continue to move their fingers and bend their elbow, etc. At higher levels in this specialty, the user gains a telekinetic control over their body parts, able to have them levitate and move around them.

Rank | Control Capabilities

E | By applying all of the user's mental might on their severed body part, they are able to move it with a normal level of control.

D | The level of concentration required to manipulate a severed body part is decreased. Alternatively, the user use the same level of concentration to move multiple severed body parts (to a max. of 3)

C | The user is now able to retain control of any severed body part with minimal concentration.

B | The user is able to levitate their severed body parts to a slight degree, allowing for a greater range of movement. The user must concentrate on that body part, and may only float one at a time.

A | The user is now able to levitate their body part with a lessened degree of concentration. Alternatively, the user may now levitate up to three body parts at a time with the same level of concentration as one body part with B rank control.

S | The user may manipulate any body part to any degree, with no more concentration required than manipulating their limbs regularly.

Contributing Stats: Will

Mechanics: There is a maximum range of 5 meters that any severed limb can be from the user in order for them to maintain control. At higher levels, this is also the telekinetic range. The user must have a minimum of 100 Will to use this technique, and all limb stats are derived from the user's Will instead of the stat the limb would normally use (as the user's mental fortitude is powering the limb's movement, not their original musculature). Concentration is measured by the amount of actions a user is attempting to perform in quick succession, with higher numbers resulting in more concentration required.

Downfalls: This technique requires the user to have a part of their body removed. Furthermore, manipulating a body part will require an energy cost at the Technique Base Cost for the Specialty's use at Rank (So, if I use this specialty at a B rank level and float my severed arm, it will cost 250 energy).


   Talent Name: Meatbag
   Talent Rank: A
   Origin: The actual composition of Honest Jim's physical form is only a skeleton, in it's purest form. Using the gifts of his infernal heritage, he may bond this skeleton to any boneless form and assume control.
   Flavor: By conjuring the dark magic that is used in Hell to bind souls to objects on Earth, the user may bind their own body to that of another, thereby controlling them entirely. Although best suited to Skeleton-based creatures, Meatbag can be used by anything that is the proper size and shape to fit inside of a corpse. Occasionally, pieces from the corpse must be removed. This is no issue. Once the skin and musculature is sitting comfortably over the body, the user may activate the spell that binds them to it.
   Contributing Stats: Will
   Mechanics: The body over the user is treated to have the same stats as the user, due to the binding spell that holds them together. This means anything that targets the user's body will clash with the user's stats instead. This technique can only be used on a corpse. During the first post the user is in the body, their stats will be considered 1/2 what they normally would be. During the second post, their stats will be considered 3/4 their actual value. After that, they are completely bonded and able to carry on as normal. While bonded, any regeneration used will regenerate the body as well, as if it were alive and their body.
The most powerful aspect of this technique is the user to maintain the ability to utilize any Talents that the body naturally possesses naturally, as if they were their own. At any time, the user may 'cancel' this talent by first mentally disengaging the binding spell, and then physically crawling out of the body (usually through destroying it). These Talents may be used as if they were the rank of this technique, for their normal price, as long as the user is at least C rank in this specialty. If the user has over 225 Will and an S rank in this talent, they may unlock their hidden specialties as well.
   Downfalls: This talent can only be used on corpses. Any Talents and Specialties gained while inhabiting a corpse are lost upon exiting the body. In order to use this talent, it costs 500 energy at A rank, and 1000 energy at S rank. Techniques created from the Talents and Specialties gained while inhabiting a Meatbag are hard-capped at the rank of the Meatbag, which is determined when the user uses this talent to initially bind it.

   Talent Name: Bone Eater
   Talent Rank: A
   Origin: In order to ingest sustenance and assist his natural regenerative abilities, Honest Jim is able to consume other calcium-based substances and metabolize it.
   Flavor: By consuming bones, the user is able to absorb their bone-content and use it to assist in the restoration of their own bones. Particularly useful for Skeleton-based creatures, this talent allows for them to consume their own kind in order to keep themselves going. This works essentially the same as regular biological organisms consuming biomass in order to facilitate their own regeneration. As a by-product of the calcium metabolism, carbon dioxide is released from the user's body (usually as an exhale or other form of gas transitioning).
   Contributing Stats: Regeneration
   Mechanics: By consuming another entity's bone-mass (due to their high calcium content, teeth are included, although the user would need to eat a lot of teeth), they may increase their natural regeneration rate to 4 HP per 1 Regeneration instead of 3 HP per 1 Regeneration point. For every rank the user has in this Talent, this is increased by 0.1, with it increased to a total of 5 HP per 1 Rgn at S rank.
   Downfalls: This technically only works for one post's worth of regeneration, and will require active consumption of bone-mass in order to have it continue to be active. For each post this technique it is used, it will cost 835 + 500 = 1335 Energy at A rank and 835 + 1000= 1835 Energy at S Rank.


Skill Name: The Gullible Divine
Skill Rank: S
Application: Due to his infernal heritage and as a soul-centered being possessing a body more-so than inhabiting one, Honest Jim is able to call upon the dark magic that structures Hell and use it to bend the universe to his will.
Flavor: Gifted with an unnatural silver tongue, those with this skill are able to open a gateway within their own body into Hell, in order to draw upon its magical energy. This energy can than be applied to the user's speech in order to alter the universe around them. Although still called 'spells', the 'incantations' used for the techniques based on this skill are actually tones rather than keywords.
The most basic application of this technique is for persuasive purposes, and this can be done innately after learning this skill. While performing this innate portion of the technique, the fundamental structure of it is to lie. During persuasion tactics, you attempt to convince the other party that by investing in your cause, you will benefit them in some way. This entire exchange is in order to further your own, unique agenda, and that is what this entire skill is for.
Contributing Stats: Will
Mechanics: For every rank the user has in this skill, the user is given one free E rank technique based on this skill (aka, one free spell).
While channeling this energy and nicely attempting to persuade another, their Will stat is considered one level of effectiveness higher than it normally would be.
Downfalls: This technique's innate effects of persuasion cost Technique Base Cost + 200 per attempt.


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