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Character Template

Post by Ejj on Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:35 am

Character Application

Name: Your Character's Name in First-Middle-Last Format. Add and Subtract Names as necessary.
Age: How old is your character? Minimum and maximum character age are found in the Race Information section.
Race: Is your character a Human or Monster? Please list in Race{Subrace} Format. For example, a human with programmed genetic traits would be a "Human{Mutant}". More information is found in the Race Information Section.
Starting Rank: Where do you want to start?
Alignment: If you were to plot your character on the 9 Box Alignment Chart, where would they fall? (Options are Chaotic Evil through to Lawful Good, please google for more information).
Faction: Is your character a Monster, a Slayer, or a regular Human just trying to survive in this crazy world?
Appearance and Demeanor:

What does your character look like? Please include a three paragraph minimum. While pictures are incredibly helpful, they are not necessary.
Personality and Attitude:

How does your character act? Are they good under pressure, or do they crack like a rotten egg? Do they enjoy music? What foods don't they like? How does their personality affect their attitude? Are they polite to strangers, or a snarling grouch? Please include a three paragraph minimum.

Up until now, what has your character seen and accomplished? What tasks have they failed at? Have they met anyone interesting? This is the area to put their backstory, please make sure to include any important information relevant to their personality's development, Talent Growth, etc. For every five years of age a character has lived, you must include three paragraphs minimum.

Please include any Specialties your character has developed pre-intro. Please see the Specialties Section for more information.

-Please include any Talents your character has developed pre-intro. Please see the Talents Section for more information.

-Please include any Skills your character has developed pre-intro. Please see the Skills section for more information.

Please make sure to fill out each section appropriately and to the best of your ability. An empty template is below.

Character Application

[b]Starting Rank:[/b]
[Spoiler=Appearance and Demeanor]
-Insert Here-[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Personality and Attitude]
-Insert Here-[/spoiler]
-Insert Here-[/spoiler]
-Insert Here-[/spoiler]
-Insert Here-[/spoiler]
-Insert Here-[/spoiler]


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