The 2am sighting

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The 2am sighting

Post by Brogade on Wed Feb 03, 2016 2:12 am

All of us have heard legends, myths, camp ground stories about different monsters. However this is not just a myth to scare your buddies, this a myth to warn your buddies.

It all started with this young man in his late 20s named Luke Miller. Luke was traveling back from visiting his newly wed sister. He left at midnight due to the long drive he had a head of him. As the night got darker and his eyes got heavier , his driving started to drift off. Luke thinks to him of taking what he thinks is a faster route to get home. The roads were dark and the air was fogy. Luke has very little knowledge but one thing he knew about this road was it wasn't ordinary, it was almost a supernatural atmosphere. A few moments later his eyes were started to slowly close and suddenly open as he would wake himself up. Miller reached down and looked for his coffee he had in the cup holder. as he was bent down, he was started with a loud demon like horrifying screech. Luke panics and causes his car to swerve off the road into the trees and forest, flying his body through the windshield. Car totaled, Luke manages to crawl gasping for help on all fours. As he looks up he sees a sudden very dark shadowed blur dash by not to far from him, with the same horrifying screech. As the shadowed demon powered off the injured Luke, his body was snatched and flew off into the dark forest in the arms of the unknown demon.

The next morning his car was found totaled a few feet into the forest, reporters traced the trail of blood to a sudden stop with no further trails. As the 2 reporters and detectives searched the area and going deep into the forest, they find a scratch mark halfway through a thick tall tree. As they take a deeper look at the scratch , the sound of the demon comes and the the 2 men were never seen again.


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