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Character Creation

Post by Brogade on Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:57 pm

Appearance and Demeanor:

Sylar is part human, part evil Demon. As his human form, he is your average Joe, Tattoos covering his arms as well as his trademark scar covering his left eye due to a car accident incident. With a height of 6 foot even, in public he can fly under the radar as ordinary as anyone else.
His demon form however is much more different and not to “average”. With a powerful 8 feet tall, Sylar has the ability to walk, fly in a form of dark shadowed blur. As a demon Sylar has long sharp claws, similar to the monster in The Village. Teeth are long and sharp enough to be though a tree, and eyes redder then Satan, Sylar is anyone’s worst nightmare.

Personality and Attitude:

As the human form, (Elias) Elias is your typical scumbag. If it’s not pick pocketing from people off the streets, its stealing money his cash at work. Elias travels alone, and does not have many friends or social skills for that matter. Elias does not have any relatives besides 1 brother that hasn’t been in picture for several years.
As Sylar, you can imagine what a evil demon’s personality is like. Awful. Sylar is strictly evil. He tracks, haunts and kills, not necessarily always in that particular order. Sylar does not have the ability to speak, the only real noise he has is a terrifying screech.
Both Elias and Sylar are similar and different at the same time. The two of them are both ever up to any good. However Sylar is much more evil, stronger and far more dangerous. As Sylar switches back to Elias, Elias wakes up exhausted and very weak for a while until he can recuperate back to his unlawful ways.


Sylar never existed until Elias reached the age of 28. On the way home from his work one rainy storming night, Karma has finally caught up to his selfish ways. Elias was driving home one night in the middle of the night when a car that was waiting for him, pulled out from the side of the road and began to follow Elias. Elias caught on to the fact he was being followed as he looked into the mirror Elias sped up. The follower cut off his head lights and as Elias looked up again into the mirror, he was slammed from the side causing Elias do crash of the road flipping his car numerous times. The follower picked the badly injured Elias and stuffed him into his car and he sped off to his science lab, where Elias was strapped down and the mad scientist went to work on him. Similar to Frankenstein. As soon as the lightning connected, it was all it took to create the evil Sylar.
Elias lost his family as child in a accident, most of the reason, where his cage comes from. Elias has been in and out for jail a little over a year, mostly from stealing and attacks, slowly looking for names and reasons for his family’s death. Elias has made it a promise to himself that he will not rest until he finds the ones responsible.


As Elias, he does not have any specialties; other then transforming from Elias to Sylar and Sylar to Elias. However the case is not the same when it comes to Sylar. Sylar has the ability to fly, walk as well as the power of super strength. He can switch as much as he wants, however when he switches to the regular self Elias, he is very weak and basically unconscious for a while.


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