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Post by Ejj on Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:42 am

A very long time ago, when the universe was but a babe, the first life forms evolved. Advancing simultaneously, two planets co-habitating a star in counter-balance existed peacefully for a time. It wasn't until a primary, sentient life form from each planet established space-faring probes that could accurately detect the other planet that they became aware of each other. Curious, they sent messages in an attempt to communicate. It was only after they established a mutual language that their interest in each other became malignant.

Entering a non-stop feud until they each reached their own highest form of civilization, a technological singularity, that their war came to a jarring halt. Cosmic titans, the people had merged into a singular, planet-sized entity capable of traversing space without the need for it's star's orbit. Engaging in combat with their counter-part one last time, both civilizations were destroyed in a final bout of warfare that sent pieces of both planets scattered across the universe. After floating for billions of years, one such piece happened to come across Earth.

Striking it and ending most life on the planet, the remnant of the Cosmic Titan used the last of it's power to reboot life on the planet in the most aggressive manner possible. To slow the rate of civilization growth and hopefully deter Earth's inhabitants from meeting the same face it's own people had, the Cosmic Titan's Remnant unmasked the Monster in Man. Over time, the Cosmic Titan's Remnant was lost to continental shift, sinking within the earth to never be seen again. Not long after, sentient life began to form on the planet in any place it could, life changing and mutating to adapt to their newfound intelligence.


The people of Earth struggle every day to survive. Banding together in small villages, they must pool all of their resources in order to make to the next day. Taking a much longer time than could be expected to develop technology and industrial advancements, their acquisition of metal and precious stones is substantially lower than what the planet could yield them. Despite that, several prominent villages have become stable enough to hold themselves against the monsters of lore and nightmare that make up most of the population's over-all planet. One of these villages utilized large walls to protect their farms, another mined for metal and made steel, training people into Slayers and arming them, and finally, a third managed to become Sea Faring, allowing communication and trade between the three.

Working in tandem, these three villages are home of most of the world's known population. It's them against the Monster's that claim territory in the rough terrain of the world. On the verge of a new age, the people of Earth could be ready to take it to a new stage and develop a powerful new technology against the Monsters, or they could be overwhelmed by their sheer numbers and potency. If that weren't enough, a new threat against the people has shown it's face. The monster's are beginning to cooperate and work together in order to overcome the human's technological advantages. Forming Bloodpact, an Organization lead by a strange, man-like creature named 'Honest Jim', the monsters could turn the tables any day now.


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