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C) Race Information

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Race{Sub-Race} Information
The following details the different races and sub-races one's character can be here at Horrorcraft.


Very unremarkable without a sub-race, the Human Species possesses very few distinguishing traits. Reliant on large groups to sustain themselves, the humans hole up in villages together in order to survive the night. Possessing a large population but short life-span and low base-stats, the humans make up for it with a large list of Technology at their disposal. With a good piece of equipment in your hands, it isn't hard to turn any battle in your favor. For those without any special advantages and are a mere everyday-type joe, the race 'Human' is sufficient. To those with a little more 'oomph', the following sub-races are humans with a bit of kick to them.

  • Mutant - Born with a genetic irregularity that sets them apart from the run-of-the-mill Human, the Mutant has been noticeably different since birth. Because of this, mutants find it more difficult to create groups and band together, but possess unique Talents that allow them to survive without the need for constant vigilance. The key trait to all mutants is that they have been a Mutant since birth and did not go through any period as a 'Regular Human'.

  • Host - This is just a fancy title for any Human who's proprietary consciousness is receiving the frequency's of another entity's existence. In other words, they're being possessed (willingly sharing counts as possession, it's just not as possessive). In fact, no actual native consciousness needs to exist for the other dimensional being to control the body. Unfortunately, memories and skills are not shared through simple possession, which makes it difficult for the new body's owner to fit in with their new body's life. This is okay, as the user of the body may channel their native power into it, increasing their Stats, as well as the potency of their Specialties and Talents.

  • Warlock - Almost a Mutant and Host combined, a Warlock is a Human born from the seed or womb of a Monster. Possessing traits of whatever monster sired them, they are open to using Talents and Specialties from their parents' native trees. Like a Mutant, their heritage is visually obvious, although is usually represented through markings or pigment mutations rather than physical deformities like the Mutant subrace. ¬†While a Mutant may possess extra fingers, scales, or even wings, a Warlock will most likely possess natural tattoos, red skin, or black eyes.


A member of no society, monster's are beasts and nightmares turned real. Human ambition is probably their greatest downfall, for it is normally through their meddling, scientific experiments, and mystical curiosity usually lead to the creation or summoning of a terrible creature into their own realm. For those who's backstory is not incredibly important, the base race of 'Monster' is a natural entity that exists in the environment and plays a role in the ecosystem (usually at the top of the food-chain). However, for those who's back-story's are a little more important, the sub-races indicate the various categories of monster types that may appear. Monsters usually live in a Monster Territory.

  • Cursed - Usually the product of good intentions gone awry, a Cursed-type monster may have once been human that was turned into an abomination by a vengeful wizard or horrifying alien beast. No matter the cause of the curse, it has transformed them from their normal, passive state into a feral or ugly creature.

  • Infernal - Fresh from the gates of Hell (or any other Negative Dimension), the Infernal are demons and goblins pulled into this dimension from their own abysmal one by a powerful sorcerer or ignorant fool. The Infernal possess otherworldly powers and seem completely inconsistent with normal wildlife. Usually reliant on magic more than physical attributes.

  • Myth - The monsters from legend are eager to take form, and anyone with the right knowledge is free to do so. By drawing on childhood legends as inspiration for their creations, the forces of evil are able to bring their kindergarten villains to life. Dragons, centaurs, even the mighty kraken are all examples of a Myth-type monster.


Sometimes, it can be hard to tell between a monster and a human. They can look and act so similarly that it begs the question of if there's really a difference at all. While 'Hybrid' itself is not a race, a player may choose either 'Human' or 'Monster', depending on their character's backstory and personality, and then select any of the sub-races below to indicate their placement in the gray part of the spectrum. A human or monster like those below may choose to live anywhere they desire, although it can be hard to live as one path but with the other.

  • Promethean - Through stolen body parts or advanced machinery, Promethean's are created by a sentient entity, usually with a singular goal or purpose in mind. By recognizing their own inability to complete their desired task, a skilled individual may focus their power into creating a life form that can get done what needs to get done. Examples of this are Frankenstein's Monster or an AI-Controlled Android.

  • Alien - Hailing from another planet, Alien's are free to choose their own moral and ethical standards based on what they know from their own world and what they learn on this. Regardless, we're still going to classify them as 'Human' or a 'Monster', depending on if they play ball or not.

  • Experiment - Leading lives of pain and large medical bills, Experiments are the unholy conclusion to the abandoning of ethics and splicing genes and/or technology not native to a body into it. Just about anyone or anything could be used as the base of an experiment, and their ability to interact with society will determine whether they're accepted as people or not.

  • Totem - Not from this dimension, but actually inhabiting another, Totem's are special objects that exist in this realm that may be inhabited by the spirit and power of beings from another. Unlike possessing a body or puppet, Totem's actually project their physical form around their chosen host object using hardlight, giving them a wide range of physical descriptions. Despite this, they all share the same characteristic that while in this world, they must play by our rules, meaning all normal rules of physics apply to them, regardless of the small 'miracles' they are able to pull from their home dimension.


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