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B) Stat and Rank Information

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Stat Information

When determining your character's ability to perform a certain action, their applicable outcome is determined by their Statistical Information, or Stats for short. There are 6 stats we use here on Horrorcraft, with an additional 2 'Sub-Stats' that are more like dynamic counters that are modified constantly throughout encounters. While stats should be used as a general guideline, they are not exact. Due to this, there is an 'Effectiveness Chart' that should help narrow down the advantages given by stat difference. Stat points are gained by converting XP into SP, which is done at a 3:1 rate.

Rank - Starting Stat Total
S - 1200
A - 1050
B - 900
C - 750
D - 500
E - 250

Stat Cap

One is not able to stack all of their points into one stat. Unless an exception is stated, no one stat is able to have less than 8% of the character's stat total. If a character has a total of 500 stat points, no one stat may have a value lower than 40. This is an effort to prevent 'glass cannons'. While this does mean that a player can put up to 60% of their stat total into one stat, it is not recommended. The chart below shows the starting stat total player's can accept depending on what rank they apply for, as well as their respective minimum and maximum values.

  • Strength
    Put simply, the Strength Stat determines how much physical force your character can exert using their body's natural presence. Melee weapon damage and movement speed are determined by this stat, as well as the character's punch strength and jumping ability. Every point in the user's Strength stat increases their capacity to apply an extra 10 Newtons of force. The minimum stat requirement for any stat is 20 points, which inherently allows any being to apply 200 newtons of force, which is enough to carry and move most every-day objects. The average human is able to apply around 500 newtons of force, which equates to about 50 points. Once someone reaches 100 points in Strength, they'll be ably to apply more force than an Alligator's Bite, which changes the scale from Newtson to Kilonewtons!  At 500 points, the scale jumps from Kilonewtons to Meganewtons, which are more comparable to machines than organisms.

  • Constitution
    In order to determine how much damage a character's physical body can take before it suffers from injury, the Constitution stat is the equivalent to a character's 'defense'. For clarity, with no other bonuses applying, if a character with 80 Strength attacks a werewolf with a sword and is successful, the sword will deal damage based on the difference in strength and constitution stats. A player's immune system and resistance to poison and bleeding are also dependent on this stat. Points in the Constitution stat allow the body to withstand forces of equal power as stated above, and work in a similar, mirrored fashion.

  • Will
    As well as being the determining stat for focus-dependent clashes, the will stat is also used to determine the potency of mystical-based techniques. Anything ghostly, spiritual, hellish, or otherwise 'magic' in nature gets its power from this stat. Due to this, it could be considered the 'Counter-part' of the Strength stat, and uses the same Force Comparison chart to determine power application. Also considered the 'processing' stat, this allows the user to think at a faster, more efficient rate, solving problems with greater ease. Similar to the Strength and Constitution stat, the Will stat allows for characters with relevant abilities (such as telekinesis or elemental manipulation) to move objects and mass with a force equal to 10 newtons for every point in their Will stat. At 500 points, the scale changes to Meganewtons.

  • Wisdom
    The capacity at which a character's memory, as well as their ability to recall what is stored in their memory and apply it to immediate use is Wisdom. Learning on the fly and utilizing what was gained in the most effective manner as possible, the Wisdom stat also determines how many techniques the character can learn, as well as how complex those techniques. While a high Will stat allows for powerful, basic attacks, a high Wisdom stat allows for devastating and highly-complex maneuvers. For every 50 points in the user's Wisdom stat, their starting tech amount is increased by one rank level technique. Every 350 points in the wisdom stat, the character may increase the rank of their usable techniques, skills, talents, and specialties by one.

  • Speed
    How fast can your character move? While Strength determines jump height, a character's speed, dexterity, and equilibrium are all increased in conjunction with their speed stat. Evasion, escape, and hunting down prey are all made much easier with a higher speed stat. Much simpler to figure out than Strength and Constitution, Speed's real time counterpart is merely 1 km/h is increased to the user's base movement speed for ever 4 points put into the speed stat. At 20 points as the minimum, that lets the person run 5 km/h. The average person runs at roughly 10 km/h, which is just about 50 points. Of course, what good would being able to move at these speeds be if one couldn't handle the gravitational pressure and other forces applied? As such, each point in the character's speed stat will also allow the character to survive moving at that speed without any difficulty.

  • Regeneration
    Almost all entities have the ability to repair their body to it's most natural, effective state. For biological organisms, this is done through targeted cellular replication. For sub-races such as Totem, Alien and Infernile (etc),  this could be done through numerous other means at the player's discretion. Regardless of how regeneration is performed, this stat determines the character's effectiveness at it. Those with a low Regeneration Stat will find wounds can last a very long time-frame, with bleeding lasting longer before stopping, bones being more fragile and getting fractured easier, etc. A higher Regeneration Stat will find that after wounds have become afflicted, they begin healing very quickly, up until the point where they are able to craft High-Speed Regeneration techniques. For every point in the user's Regeneration rate, they passively heal 3 HP per post. This costs 1/2 energy (with a minimum of 1) as a basic function, although special talents, techniques, etc may circumvent this.


Unlike normal stats, Sub-Stats do not have points put directly into them. Instead, they draw their value from a formula relative to their existing stat totals. Each sub-stat is a 'counter' more than a determinate, their value being the maximum they can achieve as well as their starting point. From the beginning of combat, Health represents a player's physical vitality, whereas Energy represents the player's ability to perform actions.

This represents a player's vitality. Injury, fatigue, and sickness all cause a player's Health to drop. Alternatively, Sleep, Food,  and Healing Items/Techniques can restore a player's Health back up to their maximum value if potent enough. To determine how much Health a player has at any given time, they simply take their current Stat Total and multiply it by 3. If a player has 500 Stat Points, they will have 1,500 Health. To determine how much Health is lost when an attack has been successful, subtract the Defending Stat from the Attacking Stat, and then that value from the player's constitution.

Example.) If an attacker has 150 Strength and the defender has 100 Strength and they clash blades, the 150 Str wins, with a remainder of 50. That 50 is subtracted from the defender's Constitution (let's say 25) to leave a value of 25. If the defender had 1000 health, he now has 975. Alternatively, let's say the attacker hit the defender without them having a chance to defend. Their entire strength stat (150) is subtracted from the defender's constitution (25) to determine to damage (125). In that case, the defender would be left with 875 Health.

The one stat apparent in almost all games (although it usually has a unique name to reflect the game's theme), Energy is what player's spend in order to utilize awesome moves and combos. For every technique you use, it will cost you energy. Basic actions, such as speaking, etc will not. Basic, non-combat aerobatics will also cost 0 energy. An attack launched, be it a punch, kick, etc, will cost 1 energy per post. By running out of energy, your character will be IMMEDIATELY rendered unconscious. This is not at the end of the post, but the moment the technique has been activated. Your opponent then has 1 post to do what they will with your unconscious form, so be very careful how you spend your energy! Your energy total is your stat total *4, as that is the sum of your stats and health.

Effectiveness Chart
*Please note these values are the difference between clashing stats and/or skills.

(None) 0-20: No significant difference, can perform functions to roughly the same capacity. For example, clashing Strength stats with a difference no more than 15 are considered 'equal' for all intents and purposes, and for two character's to punch each other would find they deal the same damage.

(Slight) 21-40: This level shows an actual significance between characters' potency in an IC fashion. Clashing Stats with a difference in this range will normally have some struggle before the higher eventually overcomes the lower. While an 'advantage' is present, it is slight and easily usurped through higher skill level.

(Small) 41-60: The higher of the two will have a notable difference in that they seem to almost immediately overpower their opponent. While appropriate skill and ingenuity may still allow for one to overcome this advantage, it will still be very difficult. Beam struggles will have a slowed down progression while physical strikes will leave large bruises and could cause internal bleeding.

(Medium) 61-80: At this point of difference, the weaker should really consider their position. Consider a power struggle between two cero beams. The stronger has 250 Will and the weaker has 180 Will, which indicate the strength of their spiritual techniques. When the stronger makes contact with the weaker, it will immediately cut or burn through it, barely struggling (if at all) to move the 'contact point' between the two energies back at a steady rate before consuming the opponent. 300 Strength vs 150 Constitution will deal instant bone breakage and organ rupture. Similar skills, such as two Swordsmanship skills determining the winner of a Rat-tail maneuver, will find the lower barely has a chance to be recognized before the victor succeeds.

(Large) 81-100: There is little to no chance of victory at this point. With this difference in stats, a 'struggle' seems almost non-existent, with beam struggles barely happening before the stronger eats through the weaker. The difference between 'pro' and 'noob' is so evident at this point it's painful, as skill clashes will result in the stronger being immediately victorious over the weaker.

(X-Large) 100+:  The weaker may as well be non-existent. Clashes with a difference at this level don't exist, as the stronger eats the weaker with absolutely no resistance. As your guardian angel in this scary world, I'm going to let you in on a secret. This is a suicide mission, turn back now.


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